Ensure that all clubs remain active with Club Guard logic. Use multiple videos to explain complex features. Allow players to find out more about a machine before entering or loading the machine

  • Add logic that kicks inactive members out of the club after a set period of time: In Huuuge Casino, club leaders may set a time limit (Club Guard) on how many days a club member may be inactive before being automatically removed from the club. This logic includes the club leader. If a club leader is removed, the co-leader takes over saving the club from stalling without a leader (image 1).
  • Introduce features with multiple videos: In Slotomania’s Sloto Club, players may click ‘Learn More’ to find tutorial videos (image 2).
  • Allow players to learn about a machine without having to open the machine: Add an info button on each machine lobby card that, when clicked, displays a summary of the machine. This will add value to players with slow loading times (image 3).
  • Include a buy button on the app-entry machine marketing dialogue: In House of Fun, marketing for the new machine Red Moon Masquerade explains machine features and includes a buy button to the latest discount (image 4).
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