& PlayStudios’ Royal House Slots is a progression-based app with in-game challenges and a multi-step retention, collection system. This is in soft launch on Android in select countries

  • There is a daily bonus and a secondary bonus every two hours (image 1).
  • Players must complete various challenges to progress along a map. Each completed step of the map awards one to three stars and a crown. Levels are repeatable to earn more stars and a higher crown (image 2).
  • A Journeys icon is visible in-machine (image 3).
  • The challenge dialogue displays the task(s) to complete (image 4).
  • Completing a challenge awards a gift containing coins (based on average bet), difficulty multiplier, and remaining spins (image 5).
  • Gems may be earned by leveling up, daily gifts, or from spins of the bonus system character: Charmbot (image 6).
  • There is one Charmbot for each Special Gem. Charmbots may award coins, more Special Gems, or Stickers (image 7).
  • Stickers won are placed in one of the five collection albums and players receive rewards for completing a set (image 8).
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