Add a leaderboard, progressive jackpot, and collection mechanic to scratcher cards to generate revenue from a new source

  • In Scatter Slots’ World Ocean’s Day event, there is a leaderboard and a progressive jackpot displayed above four scratch cards. One free scratch card may be collected every 24 hours or every 12 hours after making a purchase (image 1).
  • Each scratch card displays a paytable and nine ‘Scratch & Win’ squares. Uncovering three jackpot symbols awards the progressive jackpot (image 2).
  • Scratch cards may contain a diamond for the collection mechanic of the event (image 3).
  • Players receive a Diamond Card when the fill meter is complete. Diamond Cards may only be unlocked by completing a collection. These cards have the highest payouts (image 4).
[envira-gallery slug=”scratcher-card-jackpots”]

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