An Event Hub Mixes Collaboration and Competition to Drive Engagement

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A Social Event Hub Drives Engagement

City-building hub spaces are a growing trend in casino, but Cash Frenzy’s Cashtopia is the first time we’ve seen a hub space for a social event (rather than a single-player event or feature). Hub spaces connect to apps’ major features, provide multiple progressions, and introduce new opportunities for customization and cosmetic rewards—which creates new ways for casinoapps to sustain engagement and drive spend. 

In Cashtopia, players navigate between buildings in a town to complete challenges. Challenges allow players to fill global and club reward meters, compete on individual and club leaderboards, and progress on an individual battle pass. Filling a building’s global meter upgrades that building.

Cashtopia’s combination of collaborative, competitive, and individual goals is rare in casino apps but common in the core market. Offering several types of goals in social events helps drive engagement by providing a steady stream of rewards for individual and collaborative progress while also pushing high-spending clubs and individuals to compete against each other.

Revenue Analysis

Following its release, Cash Frenzy’s revenue increased 22% 9Do9D. However, this growth came immediately after a period of decreased revenue and is otherwise even with the app’s recent revenue floor, so it’s unclear whether Cashtopia had a major impact on revenue.

When looking at Cashtopia’s revenue impact, it’s important to note that the casino market has had a chilly summer as a whole. Just two of the top ten highest-grossing casino apps had revenue growth from June–August 2023compared to March–May 2023, and just four apps had positive growth compared to June–August 2022.

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Market Watch

Breakout App

More than two years after its launch, Cash Billionaire has broken into the top 100 casino apps on the U.S. App Store. The app combines common slots features with a few innovative additions, including the ability to unlock machines using premium currency, a collection that uses screenshots of players’ epic wins, and a global chat that requires the use of premium currency.

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Innovative Feature and Event Releases

In Cash Frenzy’s Cash Journey, players roll dice to advance on a map where they collect shields and increase an attack multiplier. Certain map spaces trigger boss battles in which players roll dice to damage a boss.

In Cash Tornado’s Bingo Rush, up to 24 players compete in three rounds. In the first two rounds, players spin on a slot machine, while in the third round, they play bingo.

In Lotsa Slots’ World Slots Day, players tap prizes as they fall down the screen in a mini-game and complete challenges to progress on a battle pass. Players also earn tokens that they can spend to spin a mini slot machine.

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