Slotomania released a new quest system Snakes & Ladders that has multiple stages

  • Slotomania’s Snakes & Ladders was announced with a video. Spinning in any machine earns rolls to play a mini-board game (image 1).
  • A fill meter displays the progress until a roll is earned to play Snakes & Ladders (image 2).
  • Once the meter is filled, players may choose to roll the dice or save up to five rolls (image 3).
  • Rolling the dice advances players along a board. Landing on ladders moves players up, snakes move players down, and surprise squares earn dice or credits (image 4).
  • Completing a board earns a credit prize and unlocks the next board to play (image 5).
  • Completing all six game boards awards an additional prize. In this example, $13.58 worth of credits was awarded for completing a board (image 6).
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