Allow players to request assistance from other friends when failing to pass a level. Let players complete levels for their friends to increase retention through collaboration

  • In Wizard of Oz: Magic Match’s Lifelines, a ‘Help’ notification appears on the map screen when a friend has requested help (image 1).
  • The Lifeline tab in the Social Center displays requests with options to ‘Help Now’ or ‘Decline’ (image 2).
  • Accepting a Lifeline request opens a level dialogue, displaying the friend needing help with a particular level (image 3).
  • Completing a Lifeline level for a friend earns players Courage Medals. A player’s Courage Medals are visible in the Social Center and on the player’s profile screen (image 4).
  • After a certain number of attempts at a level, a Lifeline button will appear next to the ‘Replay’ button (image 5).
  • Clicking Lifeline opens a dialogue to search and select friends to send Lifeline requests (image 6).
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