Revenue Driver: Challenge Events

Revenue spiked 30% WoW in Homescapes after the release of a new event, Festival of Lights. In short, event-specific currency unlocks event-specific levels. Completing levels fills a progress bar for custom decorations awards. Review this feature to decrease wallet inflation … while driving revenue.

Revenue Driver: Mini-Game Events

Candy Crush Saga’s Beanstalk Challenge, first released in September, is now a regularly-rotated event. During the event, players progress along a Beanstalk through a series of pick‘em bonuses. After each pick‘em, players have a Deal or No Deal option. Read up on this feature to drive retention and coin sinks.

Level Designs: New Releases

Homescapes released Cookie Stack: an easily-activated mechanic that can burn a lot of moves. And, Candy Crush Friends Saga released Bubblegum, where an obstacle turns into a super.

Market Watch: Major Features

Tournament events were released by top grossing apps Candy Crush Soda Saga (Episode Race) and Panda Pop (Boss Raid). Jam City officially announced and took over Disney Emoji Blitz (Jam City Notice). And, Wonka’s World of Candy released an end-of-all-levels feature (Master Chocolatier) … and, a special augmented reality mode (Wonkavision AR Mode).

Revenue Growth Call Out: Matchington Mansion

Matchington Mansion’s revenue continues to climb, hitting $200K daily U.S. revenue on iOS. Downloads also recently spiked due to iOS downloads in the categories Games > Top Free, Games > Top Free Games, and Games > Updated and Upgraded.

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Table of Contents


  • Challenge Events
    • Festival of Lights in Homescapes
  • Mini-Game Events
    • Beanstalk Challenge in Candy Crush Saga


  • New Level Designs I & II


  • Notable Releases I & II


  • Premium Partnerships
  • Puzzle Product Council
  • Player Motivations
  • Puzzle Personas

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