Candy Crush Friends Saga revenue increased +23% WoW and +26% 2Wo2W after the release of The Big Bubblegum Debacle. A Limited Offer sale was also released during that time period, contributing to the revenue growth. Downloads were up +8% WoW and +1% 2Wo2W.

Revenue in Solitaire Grand Harvest spiked +24% 3Do3D during the What’s Behind the Curtains? Event. Downloads remained relatively flat.

Property Brothers Home Design (Storm8) is an IP-themed, near reskin of Home Design Makeover … Storm8’s other top grossing Puzzle app. In both apps, there are no retention bonuses and infrequent sales. During Time-Based Challenges, players must complete the expansion area to keep them. During level play, a meter fills with every activated boost … and eventually awards an additional boost.

In Wild Things: Animal Adventures (Jam City), Tamagotchi Pets is the core meta-feature that combines elements from Angry Birds 2’s Hatchlings and Candy Crush Friends Saga’s Character Collection. In Time-Based Challenges, players can decrease the cost of the reward by collecting level items. The level play is match-link, the progression is a task-based storyline, and the art style is 3D animation. 

Table of Contents


  • Free Event Levels
    • The Big Bubblegum Debacle in Candy Crush Friends Saga
  • Sales with Engagement Packages
    • What’s Behind the Curtains? in Solitaire Grand Harvest


  • Property Brothers Home Design (Storm8)


  • Wild Things: Animal Adventures (Jam City)


  • New Level Designs I & II


  • Notable Releases I & II
  • Find Your Own Trends in the Data Tool


  • Puzzle Taxonomy
  • Premium Partnerships

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