Market Watch

9/1/18 – 9/30/18

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Dragon Ball Z Dokkan BattleLittle RangersSingle-player battle event, featuring event-exclusive Potential Orbs character upgrade materials
Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle1st Place RewardsDragon Stones are awarded to players in celebration of several app store 1st-place achievements in September
Dragon Ball Z Dokkan BattlePlayer Satisfaction SurveyPlayer survey announced in-app with focus on game features and events
Candy Crush Saga9’18 UI / UX UpdateUI / UX update
Candy Crush SagaBeanstalk ChallengePick’em mini-game for booster rewards. Players lose all rewards if Bubblegum Troll is revealed
Candy Crush SagaExtra Moves CandyCandy elements granting extra moves to players when included in color matches
Candy Crush SagaNightmarishly Hard LevelsAdditional tier of level difficulty added to episodes, each containing 1-5 Nightmarishly Hard Levels
Candy Crush SagaPiggy Bank AdjustmentAdjustment to the number of Gold Bars needed to fill the Piggy Bank
Candy Crush SagaRibbonsCertain elements are randomly wrapped with Ribbons, which convert to boosters when included in color matches
Candy Crush SagaWelcome Back GiftPlayers who delete the app, reinstall, and log in recieve 50 Gold Bars
Toon BlastChainHazard element which covers portions of the board, and only removed with boosters
Candy Crush Soda Saga9’18 UI / UX UpdateUI / UX update
Homescapes1st Birthday Gift3 boosts and 3 hours unlimited lives awarded at login
HomescapesBirthday SaleReskin of sale event revealing a special story if all 3 offers are purchased
HomescapesGramophoneGramophones cause Notes to appear on random pieces. Each piece displaying a Note will change color every move
HomescapesLabor Day SaleSale bundle including coins, boosts, and unlimited lives
Gardenscapes9’18 Sound UpdateSound update for match-3 portion of the game
GardenscapesBumper Crop!Tournament event tied to Leagues. Players beat levels to collect Apples to complete ‘personal goals’ and achieve leaderboard ranks
GardenscapesColored Box UpgradeAny additional layer added to the Colored Box, requiring an extra adjacent color match to remove it
GardenscapesCoolersCoolers contain Ice, freezing random elements on the board
GardenscapesDouble Goals BlanketAdditional collection goal added to the Picnic Blanket hazard, requiring 2 goals to meet in order to be removed from the board
GardenscapesSacks of IvyA non-stationary hazard removed by 2 adjacent matches, or boosts. Upon removal, Ivy spreads onto surrounding tiles
GardenscapesUnlimited ReshufflesPlayers no longer lose a level after 3 reshuffles of the board
Fishdom3000 Levels GiftGift of 6 hours of unlimited lives for players level 8 and above, in celebration of the app’s 3000th level release
FishdomAutumn FestivalPlayers beat levels to collect Acorns for special event Unique Decorations. During the final days of the event, players receive a 2x multiplier to Acorn collection
FishdomAutumn SaleReskin of Playrix special event sale: buy all 3 offers for a gift, and the first offer is free
FishdomSpecial Offer With BoostersThe normal Special Offer multi-day sale now updated with 3 boosters, a new Gem amount, and updated dialogue UI
Angry Birds 2Hatchling FeverHatchling awards doubled (reskin of Black Pearl Party)
Angry Birds 2Dragon’s FuryAngry Birds and Imagine Dragons collaboration and charity event for cancer with dragon-themed booster
Angry Birds 2Pizza DeliveryAngry Birds/Nickelodeon collaboration. Players receive a Ninja Turtles-themed booster
Angry Birds 2Sand EverywhereAngry Birds 2 Adventure event for Pharaoh Hat Set release
Angry Birds 2ToF ApologyApology of Rainbow Feathers and a Rare Chest from King to players for Tower of Fortune malfunctions
Home Design Makeover!Troy’s Gift BoxPlayers beat a number of levels to fill a prize meter
Solitaire TriPeaksLabor Day Coin SaleHoliday sale with most package values doubled
Solitaire TriPeaksTreasure MatchA memory match timed event to complete levels, progressing along a map for rewards. The new event appeared during event testing for selected players
WordscapesOffer/Survey CoinsOffer and survey Coin faucets added to the game
Word CrossyCollecting ButterfliesPlayers progress along an event level map to collect Stars and reach map milestone rewards
Legendary Game of HeroesPlayer CelebrationTournament with special sub-events, collection items, and purchase packs. Presented in 2 parts (Week 1, Week 2)
Legendary Game of HeroesCelebration MarketEvent-specific store for the Player Celebration event. Includes special Tickets currency and purchase packs
Legendary Game of HeroesCelebration TilesLevel design element that generates certain Power Gems for several turns in a Tile’s respective rows and columns
Legendary Game of HeroesCrusade Map DifficultiesAdditional map difficulty levels for Crusade events: Expert, and Inferno. Unlockable by playing previous difficulties
Legendary Game of HeroesHero Sort-FilterHeroes can be sorted in the Team setup screen based on various attributes and parameters
Legendary Game of HeroesGem BossesReplacement for Elite Bosses, released as part of Cybernetic Carnage event
Candy Crush Jelly SagaJellyficent OfferPlayers collect Tickets by successfully completing Hard and Super Hard levels, filling a meter and unlocking a special purchase offer (1st seen in Candy Crush Soda Saga’s Golden Tickets, and Pet Rescue Saga’s 4 Hard Levels Offer)
Panda Pop9’18 UI / UX UpdateUI / UX update
Panda PopCollect StarsPlayers beat levels to collect Stars to cooperatively fill a prize meter
Panda PopVIP ModePlayers who complete all map levels are now able to participate in events by replaying levels until new levels release (Panda Pop’s end-of-level feature)
Panda PopLandscape Mode DisabledChanges to UI with landscape play mode disabled, players are only able to play in portrait mode
Panda PopBooster UpdatesRainbow Balls and Dragon Balls no longer use 1 move when used
Gummy Drop4th Birthday EventLevel map challenge celebrating app’s 4th birthday
Gummy Drop4th Birthday GiftLogin gift awarded to players containing 16 boosters to celebrate app’s 4th birthday
Gummy DropSeattle Birthday CelebrationNew event and levels where players collect Coffee Cups for event rewards
Best FiendsAuto Select UpgradeAuto Select of Fiend team option added to settings menu, allowing players to turn off/on the feature
Best FiendsBaby Slug’s Big Day OutA 3-task quest comprised of 2 fill meter challenges, with the final task only completed by players watching the new animation video Bably Slug’s Big Day Out
Best FiendsBiggest Discount EverSale noted as “Biggest Discount in Minutia” (90% discount)
Best FiendsCannon3 adjacent link-matches trigger the Cannon to clear a row or column of elements
Best FiendsDaily Events 9’18 UpdateChanges in the daily events schedule with functionality changes to the Bandit event
Best FiendsLight Bulb RedesignRedesign of the Light Bulb element
Best FiendsToddler’s Toy PartyPlayers collect Toy Blocks to complete challenges and fill a prize meter (reskin of monthly event)
Best FiendsMore Weekly LevelsBased on community requests, 20 main map levels are now added each weekend
Cookie Jam9’18 Events Menu UpdateUI / UX update
Cookie Jam9’18 UI / UX UpdateUI / UX update
Cookie JamPiggy BankPiggy Bank feature added to the app
Cookie JamTimer RemovalLevels containing the Timer hazard are removed based on community request
Merge DragonsLunar Light EventPlayers merge elements in an event world for prizes (reskin of primary event)
Merge DragonsPlaying with the PastPlayers merge elements in an event world for prizes (reskin of primary event)
Merge DragonsStore AdjustmentsChanges to Gem pack value with bundles of more powerful collection items
Farm Heroes SagaGolden TrophiesPlayers win Bronze, Silver, or Gold trophies by collecting certain amounts of Golden Pins for beating levels on the 1st try in an episode (also seen in Candy Crush Saga’s Gold Trophy)
WWE ChampionsRounda Rousey UnlockBonus Tour event featuring character unlock and event challenges
Bubble Witch 3 SagaCauldron Classic III3rd release of the Cauldron Classic tournament event
Bubble Witch 3 SagaStarlight ContestTournament event with leaderboard rankings based on Stars collected
Matchington MansionToy Car RacingPlay to collect tournament awarding upto 3 prize boxes to players as they fill a meter
Bricks n Balls9’18 UI / UX UpdateUI / UX update
Bricks n BallsGolden Aim Unlock OptionGolden Aim booster now available for purchase at certain times (previously only available to VIP members)
Bricks n BallsSharing for GemsGems awarded to players for the 1st social media share
Wizard of Oz Magic MatchAmazing Autumn Gold SaleEvent Sale
Wizard of Oz Magic MatchDaily Rewards Streak UpdateStreak upgrade added to Dorothy’s Daily Rewards, awarding new boosters
Wizard of Oz Magic MatchLabor Day Gold SaleHoliday Sale
Wizard of Oz Magic MatchLand of Oz LegendsExclusive content is now available to players who complete all of the map levels. The end-of-level content includes endless Legends Levels with leaderboards, and weekly rewards
Wizard of Oz Magic MatchScarecrow Hats CollectionReskin of play to collect event
Disney Emoji BlitzIncredibles 2 ChallengePlayers complete levels to progress, unlocking new Violet and Dash Incredibles 2 Emojis
Disney Emoji BlitzMr. Toad Food Fight Face-OffUpdate to the Food Fight event: players earn more Stars for items collected during the event

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