Executive Summary

Controversial Ad Campaigns

After the release of the first Pregnancy Ad, Lily’s Garden’s revenue was+11% and downloads +67% WoW. Revenue and downloads continued climbing to +21% and +50% 2Wo2W after the Twitter post went viral. Lily’s Garden was not featured on iOS during this time.

The ad shows Lily’s boyfriend leaving her after she tells him she is pregnant. This ad went viral on Twitter.

Test controversial ads to create online buzz. Boost virality with paid influencers. To make the in-game story more enjoyable, add quality audio narration in addition to sub-titles.

Custom Design Expansion Events

During Gardenscapes’release of the Attic event, revenue was +16% and downloads -21% WoW. After the release of the Kitchen event, a reskin of Attic, revenue was +19% and downloads +37% WoW.

Players must complete levels to finish the new kitchen … in order to keep it.

In 2019, the 15 highest-grossing puzzle apps have increased their investment in custom design events by 357 basis points YoY (see graph in report). Fishdom, Gardenscapes, and Matchington Mansion have all added expansion areas to their custom design events (see table in report).

Unlock more content for highly-engaged players to increase the event’s engagement. Then, trigger a pay-to-obtain option to drive revenue. 

Table of Contents

Revenue Drivers

  • Controversial Ad Campaigns
    • Ad Campaign in Lily’s Garden
  • Custom Design Expansion Events
    • Kitchen in Gardenscapes

In Soft Launch

  • Manor Matters by Playrix

Level Mechanics

  • New Level Designs I & II

Market Watch

  • Notable Releases I, II, & III


  • Mechanics Taxonomy
  • Utilize L&G’s Tools
  • Puzzle Personas
  • Premium Partnerships

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