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Download the 2022 Recap Report

Our 2022 Recap Report analyzes the year’s most important product trends across markets. Inside the report, you’ll find leading examples from top apps and insights for implementing each trend.

Our biggest trends for 2022 are:

  • Unconventional upgrades, such as collections with usable items, robust pet features, and upgradeable event hubs.
  • Evolved competitions that are more specialized, accessible, and engaging.
  • Story modes that introduce new content, connect events, and onboard new players. 
  • Player experience updates that make purchases less random and deliver on requests from player communities.
  • P2E’s setbacks and the stalled attempts to add NFTs to mainstream games.

The report also examines the six apps with the biggest sustained revenue growth in 2022, including a runners-up section.

Download the 2022 Recap Report for our complete analysis.

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