As part of our commitment to providing the most effective insights to our subscribers, we are pleased to announce our new Core Personas Report. 

Liquid & Grit undertook this empirical study in collaboration with Kinrate Analytics to collect and analyze survey data from 1,415 mobile core players in the U.S. The results produced seven core player personas with distinct values, gameplay preferences, spending habits, and reasons for returning to or abandoning a game.

These personas give product teams actionable insights for every step of the player life cycle, from acquisition and engagement to retention and monetization. Download the full report for more in-depth analysis and details about the research process.


As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly at with any questions or comments, and be sure to check out upcoming RPG Reports for more player insights about specific features!

-Brett Nowak, CEO, Liquid & Grit



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Core Player Personas

Download the full report for detailed breakdowns of each persona.

  • Felicia Fiction seeks immersion through compelling single-player stories and strong aesthetics. She likes turn-based or action RPGs with customization, meaningful choices, and emotionally difficult challenges. She is most likely to spend money to personalize her experience.
  • Caleb Competition is primarily interested in multiplayer competitions, clubs, social status, and hardcore gaming. He prefers MMORPGs with action gameplay and difficult challenges. As a result of his competitiveness, he makes purchases to be the best.
  • Andrew Achievement likes completing single-player tasks and overcoming challenges. His favorite subgenre are puzzle RPGs with innovative challenges and entertaining mini-games. He spends money to advance his progress.
  • Ethan Epic is an all-around hardcore gamer who thrives on difficult challenges. He likes both story-driven solo experiences and multiplayer competitions. Ethan plays the widest range of RPG subgenres, including turn-based RPGs, action RPGs, puzzle RPGs, and MMORPGs. He strives to optimize his play with out-of-the-box tactics and strategies. He spends primarily to support the F2P games he likes.
  • Chloe Casual prefers single-player puzzle RPGs with casual mechanics. She likes customizing characters and spaces with optional cosmetics. She spends primarily for personalization and to access special events.
  • Dean Desktop turns to mobile for convenient, short bursts of play. As a result, he is the lowest spending player persona and is primarily interested in story-driven single-player experiences. He likes action, survival, and turn-based RPGs with meaningful choices and active combat.
  • Steven Social is driven by his interactions with other players, including both collaborative and competitive activities. He is the highest spending player persona and prefers MMORPGs or multiplayer fighting RPGs. His favorite gameplay mechanics are trading, resource collection, and building. He spends money to show off to others, play with his friends, and be the best.

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