Executive Summary

Content Expansion Season

After the release of Empires and Puzzles Season III, revenue was +23% and downloads were -15% MoM. 2Mo2M revenue and downloads were +152% and +111%, respectively.


In 20 tracked RPG apps, downloads were +8.9% QoQ in Q1’20—a material increase from Q4’19, which saw downloads -5.7% QoQ. Revenue continued to grow steadily, up +14% QoQ in Q1’20.

Reward events continued to be the most released event type in Q1’20—but were slightly less dominant than in Q4’19.

Collection, accelerator, and interaction events appeared more frequently in Q1’20. The increase in collection and interaction events may indicate an attempt to attract a broader audience, as these event types are popular in other genres.

Soft-Launch & Breakout Apps

Spyjinx, a new action-strategy app from Epic Games, employs a dual-purpose hero swapping system to trigger special abilities and determine which hero takes damage.

Knighthood by King combines highly customizable characters with a tap- and swipe-based combat system that revolves around gauntlets with special abilities.

Instead of offering in-app purchases, Disney Sorcerer’s Arena has generated an average of $15,524 per day by rewarding players for watching ads or making purchases from partnered brands.

Table of Contents

Revenue Driver

  • Content Expansion Season
    • Season III in Empires & Puzzles

New Content

  • Content Releases I & II


  • Downloads and Revenue
  • Event Types
  • Interactions and Accelerator Events

Soft-Launch & Breakout Apps

  • Disney Sorcerer’s Arena, Knighthood, and Spyjinx

Market Watch

  • Notable Releases I & II


  • Premium Partnerships
  • RPG Mechanics Taxonomy

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