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Cooking Mechanics & Cross-Promotion Events

Rise of Kingdoms’ revenue was +34% and downloads were -12% WoW after the cooking collection event Thanksgiving Feast. Cooking events are driving revenue in top-grossing apps across genres.

During the Thanksgiving Feast event in Rise of Kingdoms, players collect ingredients to complete dishes for individual and alliance rewards.

AFK Arena‘s downloads were +26% WoW and +65% 2Wo2W due to the Rise of Arenas cross-promotion event with Rise of Kingdoms—an app with nearly three times as many downloads as AFK Arena.

In the Rise of Arenas cross-promotion event, challenges in Rise of Kingdoms and AFK Arena award event-exclusive avatar frames for both games.

Increase engagement in cooperative events by identifying individual contributions and rewarding top performers.

Event Engagement Tokens

Star Trek Fleet Command‘s revenue was +11% and downloads were -17% for the 17-day Mirror, Mirror event compared to the previous 17-day period (starting on the same day of the week). iOS featured listings in AR and RPG categories accounted for 50% of total downloads from 11/12 to 11/30.

During this multi-event, players spend two types of event tokens to unlock missions. High-level players construct a new ship to gain access to event-exclusive competitions.

Increase revenue from highly engaged players by adding exclusive competitions to challenge events. Price event currency IAP bundles tactfully to maximize conversions.

A video analysis of RPG Cooking Mechanics and Cross-Promotion Events

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Revenue Drivers

  • Cooking Mechanics
    • Thanksgiving Feast in Rise of Kingdoms
  • Cross-Promotion Events
    • Rise of Arenas in Rise of Kingdoms and AFK Arena
  • Event Engagement Tokens
    • Mirror, Mirror in Star Trek Fleet Command

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  • RPG Mechanics Taxonomy

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