Big Fish Casino released Crazy Money Deluxe, an RMG machine from Incredible Technologies. Players receive Angle Pay lines and an interactive bonus game

  • Crazy Money Deluxe includes four progressive jackpots and Angle Pay lines (see image 1 and New Innovations for details on Angle Pay).
  • Wheel symbols landing on reels 1, 3, and 5 triggers the Sky Wheel Bonus (image 2).
  • The Sky Wheel Bonus presents a wheel with various coin prizes, jackpots, bonus wedges, and a spin button (image 3).
  • A coin prize wedge landing on the wheel awards a spin of the inner wheel for a multiplier, or a re-spin of the Sky Wheel (image 4).
  • Landing on the bonus wedge triggers the Money Catch Bonus and a spin of the inner wheel for the number of bonus game picks (image 5).
  • Players are presented with a ‘Start’ button to begin the Money Catch Bonus. Money floats on the screen to catch. Remaining catches and total amount won are displayed (see image 6 and New Innovations for details).
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Game play
Hit frequency 50%
Volatility 10.9
Spins until a bonus 70
Distribution of RTP as % of total RTP
Base game 80%
Bonus game 20%
Sky Wheel Bonus 12%
Money Catch Bonus 8%
RTP range
Minimum range 111%
Median 129%
Maximum range 147%
Amount 2
Jackpot 1 2,500,070 x bet
Jackpot 2 1,310 x bet

– Volatility is the standard deviation of the 10K payouts

– The distribution of RTP is base or bonus game RTP over total RTP

– RTP range is 90% confidence with 10K spins

– Jackpots are payouts greater than 1000 x bet and are removed from the RTP range numbers

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