Jackpotjoy Slots’ Horoscope Heroes has an in-machine objective to unlock various heroes. Unlocking all heroes turns on a bonus that randomly triggers during the base game

  • In Jackpotjoy Slots’ Horoscope Heroes a ‘What’s Your Star Sign’ dialogue appears, awarding one pick at machine-entry to unlock a hero (image 1).
  • The chosen hero appears with 11 other locked heroes above a 4 x 5 reel set. Each hero represents a different bonus round and feature (image 2).
  • There are a total of 12 Horoscope Objectives to unlock all heroes and their bonuses. Clicking the Horoscope Heroes space above the reels displays objectives, progress, and information (image 3).
  • A dialogue appears when an objective has be completed, randomly unlocking a new hero (image 4).
  • Bonus symbols landing on reels 2, 3, and 4 trigger the Horoscope Heroes Bonus. Players choose the bonus based on the available unlocked heroes (image 5).
  • Completing all 12 objectives and unlocking all Hero Bonuses unlocks the Eclipse Mode feature. In Eclipse Mode, bets are doubled and may award one of 12 various Eclipse feature spins (image 6).
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Game play
Hit frequency 37%
Volatility 9.1
Spins until a bonus 323
Distribution of RTP as % of total RTP
Base game 84%
Bonus games 16%
Horoscope Heroes Bonus 16%
Eclipse Mode 0%
RTP range
Minimum range 78%
Median 93%
Maximum range 108%
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