The reels are covered with tiles for players to break to trigger a bonus game. The pick ’em bonus game also awards prizes and additional picks that increase a jackpot win

  • Caesars Slots’ Jackpot Destiny offers a 4 x 5 reel set, eight Rapid Fire jackpots, and a fill meter. Each position on the reels is covered by tiles able to be broken by winning combinations (image 1).
  • Breaking all the tiles fills the meter and triggers the Crystal Bonus. Two picks are awarded from 12 crystals with a fill meter visible above (image 2).
  • The Crystal Bonus fill meter displays a win multiplier and point goal. Each crystal pick reveals a number. Reaching the goal awards players two more picks and 12 new crystals. The bonus ends when a point goal is not met (image 3).
  • Five or more Rapid Fire symbols triggers the Rapid Fire Jackpot Bonus. Players are presented with 20 spaces and three picks (image 4).
  • Each space may contain more picks, coins, or additional jackpot symbols. Revealing a Rapid Fire symbol increases the jackpot (image 5).
  • Three or more scatter symbols trigger the Wild Reel Free Spins with Surprise Wild Reels. Players may win up to 25 free spins by landing five scatters during the free spins that retriggers the free spins (image 6).
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Game play
Hit frequency 38%
Volatility 9.7
Spins until a bonus 60
Distribution of RTP as % of total RTP
Base game 56%
Bonus game 44%
Free Spins 10%
Crystal Bonus Game 22%
Rapid Fire Jackpot Bonus 12%
RTP range
Minimum range 93%
Median 109%
Maximum range 125%
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