SciPlay’s Clue Machines Appeal to Fans of the IP WhileStaying Close to Classic Slots

Quick Hit Slots has released five slot machines in the past year based on the Clue board game. SciPlay’s collaboration with Hasbro, which started in 2017, has produced six Clue-themed machines in Quick Hit Slots and three in Gold Fish Casino.

The most recent machine, Clue, includes five separate reel sets styled like rooms from the Clue board game, each of which includes its own unique bonus. Players also complete pick’ems to solve the game’s murder cases. Together, these mechanics strongly evoke the board game without straying far from a classic slots experience.

Slot machines with IP themes decreased slightly in 2023 compared to 2022, down from an average of 19.5 per quarter to an average of 16.5 per quarter. Machines with IP themes disproportionately favor the use of multiple bonus features (like those seen in Clue) compared to all machines.

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Decorating Scenes, Merging Reel Sets, and Fishing

In Cash Frenzy, a new machine lets players spin to earn tokens that they use to buy decorations for a custom design scene. Buying decorations fills a meter that awards a new background for the slot machine and unlocks the next scene when complete.

In House of Fun, a machine contains two reel sets that randomly combine into a single reel set on certain spins. During free spins, landing a wild symbol while the reel sets are combined adds another wild to the same reel.

In Jackpot World, a mini-game bonus lets players tap swimming fish to try to catch them with nets. Certain fish award jackpots or remove low-value fish, and the odds of catching a fish depend on its currency value.

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