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Combining Streaks and Bonuses to Increase Anticipation

Jackpot World’s Mid-Autumn Fantasy offers one of the most extensive arrays of bonuses we’ve seen in a single machine—including 15 unique bonus mechanics. But the machine’s biggest innovation is how it combines those bonuses with a win streak mechanic to create prolonged waves of anticipation that raise the stakes as streaks progress:

  1. Each win causes new symbols to cascade down, so players can accumulate a chain of wins in a single spin.
  2. The machine includes frequent bonuses that increase the chance of wins, ensuring that players get a lot of streaks.
  3. Landing four or more wins in a single spin awards free spins.
  4. Enhancements for free spins land during streaks but only take effect if players trigger free spins within that streak.

When building machines with bonuses and win streaks, designers should consider offering sequences of bonuses that lead to frequent streaks or awarding bonuses that expire if players break their streak.

Release Trends

Cascading reels are fairly rare, especially when paired with wild bonuses or fill meter and collection progressions. Mid-Autumn Fantasy is one of just two machines we’ve ever seen that combines all three.

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Market Watch

In Gold Fish Casino’s Green Machine Bingo, players spin on a bingo-like machine to land sticky symbols. Landing symbols in a bingo line grants rewards, and wins including the center reel position award a prize wheel spin.

In Lotsa Slots’ Samba Fiesta, players land symbols with musical note icons to progress along a map. Completing the map unlocks a soundtrack, and players add more songs by completing the map again or buying IAPs.

In POP! Slots’ Money Rails, a train collects multipliers and player icons on a grid during a social bonus. Players whose icons are collected by the train earn a spin for a potential jackpot.

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