Caesars Slots’ Ride ‘Em Wild, a reskin of American Glamour 2, includes a bet up mechanic to unlock additional bonuses

  • Caesars Slots’ Ride ‘Em Wild offers multi-play reels and five stand alone progressive jackpots (image 1).
  • Any time during play, Surprise Wild Reels adds full reel wilds to either set of reels. Six or more scatter symbols trigger the corresponding Flash Jackpot (image 2).
  • Players are advised that higher bets open more bonuses. Increasing bets unlocks up to three different bonuses, with active bonuses indicated (image 3). (This mechanic was first mentioned in New Innovations in the April 2017 Slots Design Report).
  • To trigger a bonus, a bonus symbol and two scatter symbols must land on either reel set (image 4).
  • The Fun Wheel Bonus contains an outer ring of coin prizes, an inner multiplier ring, and a spin button (image 5).
  • The 5 Wild Reel Free Spins is played on two reel sets with full reel wilds appearing on each spin. Outlaw Respins awards six spins played on four reel sets (image 6).
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Machine Stats

Game play
Hit frequency 36%
Volatility 3.6
Spins until a bonus 39
Distribution of RTP as % of total RTP
Base game 51%
Bonus games 49%
Free Spins 28%
Jackpots 21%
RTP range
Minimum range 81%
Median 87%
Maximum range 93%

Distribution of wins

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