Top 5 Slots Design Innovations and Developments

  1. App usage control settings are coming this fall in iOS 12. DoubleU Casino has already implemented bet warnings. Get ahead of the iOS changes and test wellness controls (see Strategy Insights).
  2. The economic returns on Lightning Link offspring machines have plateaued. Designers, however, continue to squeeze value out of mechanical evolutions with a pick ‘em bonus after the respin (see Respins to Pick ‘Em).
  3. Bet-ups work on machine-load … and now DoubleDown Casino is testing them during base game spins. Give players options to increase the cost/benefit of the bonus for more thrill-factor (see Mystery Jackpot Bet-Up).
  4. New anticipation modes will delight entertainment-seeking players. DoubleU Casino designed a whole machine around the anticipation mode. Discuss ideas with your art and design team to invent an exhilarating anticipation mode experience (see Anticipation Mode)
  5. Caesars Slots increased RTP with progression. Determine if coins sunk-per-day actually grows with progression-based RTP changes due to engagement and retention gains. This could be a massive opportunity for social slots designs (See Progressive RTP).

“I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart.” – Vincent van Gogh

Table of Contents


  • Wellness Controls


  • Respins to Pick ‘Em
  • Mystery Jackpot Bet-up
  • Anticipation Mode
  • Progressive RTP


  • Cultural Themes
  • Machine Output
  • Progression Mechanics


  • Notable Releases


  • Slots Player Personas
  • Data Collection Process

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