New RMG licenses
New RMG content licenses are emerging each month. PokerStars Play released their first NetEnt-licensed machine, and Slingo Arcade released their first Ainsworth-licensed machine

More Real World IP
Real world IP is a vital component of Featured Apps content strategy. For Featured Apps, real world IP is the 2nd most popular theme (tied with Classic)

Huuuge Ramps Production
In March, Huuuge Casino started improving slots content. Now, they are also focused on slots output. In May alone, they released 5 new machines. While this pace is unlikely to continue, anticipate more slots competition from Huuuge Casino. For comparison, the top machine producers—DoubleU Casino and Quick Hit Slots—average 4 machines per month

Newcomer: Slingo Arcade
Released in November 2016, Slingo Arcade now ranks between the 75th to 150th grossing app in the U.S. iOS Casino category. In May, Slingo Arcade released an Ainsworth RMG machine—their first RMG machine. Ainsworth machines are also frequently released in Zynga products, expanding content uniformity within the F2P mobile casino market

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Table of Contents


  • New RMG Licenses
  • More Real World IP
  • Huuuge Ramps Production
  • Newcomer: Slingo Arcade


  • Multi-Level Cabinets
  • Enhancing Wilds
  • Progressive Wheels


  • Reel Features
  • Progression Mechanics


  • Notable Social Releases
  • Notable RMG Releases


  • Slots Player Personas
  • Data Collection Process

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