Track your ROAS, test your demographic, and increase retention to ensure sustainable UA. 

Expand Attribution and Analytics

  • Know the sources of your most valuable users, their life-time value (LTV), and your return on ad spend (ROAS).
  • Maximize your range of metrics per acquisition channel. 
  • A wide view of your traffic mix is best for evaluating acquisition and engagement.

Know Your ROAS

  • Track your ROAS in 7 and 28 day increments to more closely analyze cohort performance.
  • At the start of UA, track every campaign daily.

Increase Retention

  • Regularly update characters and content. 
  • Cultivate community.
  • Engage users with push notifications.

Soft Launch Your Game

  • Big game companies attempt to get 1,000 – 10,000 users in this phase.
  • Adjust game dynamics if the concept proves ineffective.
  • Similarities to more expensive markets make Canada, Australia, and Nordic countries ideal for soft-launches. 

Refine Your Creatives

  • Prioritize budget for the best performing creatives, variations on high performing creatives, and testing new ones. 
  • High production value does not mean high performance. 
  • Timing and location of ad release matter.



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