The Expected Value (EV) of GDPR changes are likely minimal, ranging from an estimated impact of 0.4% to 3.6% on total app revenue. Since the EV of a penalty can be severe, Product Leads should ensure compliance … particularly in smaller revenue apps (p. 4).

Lottery Systems, a highlighted feature in this report, produced a +77% WoW spike in revenue for Huuuge Casino. Like Collection Sets, this feature is deeply integrated into the entire app (p. 7).

If you are unsure that your players will respond to full Collection Sets, look at the Post-Round Mini-Games that gave Bingo Blitz a +41% WoW bump in revenue (p. 11).

To improve the revenue impact of a big machine release, review Content Releases with Cash Wheel. POP! Slots saw a +25% WoW in revenue when they paired a strong machine release with an event that included a post-purchase mini-game (p. 15).

“Only heavier doses of brains and thought and wise courage can cure.” – Henry Ford

Table of Contents


  • Potential Impact


  • Lottery Systems
  • Post-Round Mini-Games
  • Content Releases with Cash Wheel


  • Notable Features I
  • Notable Features II


  • Player Motivations
  • Data Collection Process

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