Community engagement is a massive part of any game developer’s marketing strategy, and the goals are simple–engage players, let them enjoy the game on multiple levels, and encourage them to support the devs and tell their friends. Here are IronSource LevelUp’s key tips to help you grow your community.

Live Stream

  • Broadcast weekly live streams that involve devs and players.

    • Build an engaging community through live streaming.
      • Make live stream production consistent.
      • Be excited, positive, and personable.
      • Listen to players comments.
      • Prepare rough scripts for each live stream.
      • Get the whole team involved.

Challenge Your Community 

  • Create challenges for players and encourage them to submit videos of their performances.
    • This builds presence, showcases your product, and involves players on multiple levels.

  • Research similar trends set by your competitors and exceed them.

Set Up a Discord Server

  • Start the server during soft-launch.
  • Get to know your core player base.
  • Make polls, giveaways, and challenges to engage players.
  • Listen to your community’s feedback, suggestions, and enthusiasm.

Keep Them Product-Focused

  • Keep your product central to your media.
  • Crosslink social media platforms with your game.
  • Be conscious of how much you push players towards activities other than your game.
  • Produce a global news feature inside the game.
  • Traffic from in-game links has significant effect on member flow.

Use Influencers

  • Pursue bigger content creators and get them excited about your game.
  • Support super fans driving smaller channels.
  • Entice content creators by offering sneak peeks, in-game rewards, and soliciting their feedback.
  • Offer free downloads of your game assets to increase the quality of content shared by players.

Know Your Audience

  • Know your product and on which media channels it is successful.
  • Use the failures of your competitors to chart your success.
  • Be more personable to gain the trust of consumers.

Give Players a Peek Behind the Scenes

  • Use tools like Trello to show players what you’re working on and what’s to come.
  • Keep it vague enough, stay honest, and underpromise and overdeliver.


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