The inability to predict outliers implies the inability to predict the course of history”  – Nassim Nicholas Taleb, The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable

Dear Product Owner,

Some market analysts proclaim that the social casino mobile market has matured and that the source of growth is, and always will be, paid user acquisition. Heed the words of Taleb—expect outliers. Better yet, create them.

In the meantime, boost revenue by allowing high-value players to join multiple clubs, receive free packages with multiple purchases, and hit progressive jackpots with scratcher cards. See the New Innovations section for details.

Surprise and delight all players with new quick wins from the Retention Polish page. For instance, let players turn off animations to speed up play and automatically delete unused machines to maximize space on older devices.

Add interesting fiction around ‘tomorrow’s bonus’ award to drive retention—a mechanic released in Poker Heat. Brainstorm with your team to make ‘tomorrow’s bonus’ more volatile and compelling. Delve into the Live Ops section for our most up-to-date suggestions.

Product releases were abundant this month. A few highlights include Slotomania’s Snakes & Ladders, Wizard of Oz’s Bubble Billions, Zynga Poker’s Weekly Playoffs, and Huuuge Casino’s expansion to Facebook. Check out the Market Watch section for a high-level review.

Shape social casino history with the next outlier.

Brett Nowak


  • Sandwich Cards
  • Multiple Club Memberships
  • Scratcher Card Jackpots
  • Retention Polish


  • Quest Boosts


  • Snakes & Ladders – Slotomania
  • Bubble Billions – Wizard of Oz
  • Weekly Playoffs – Zynga Poker


  • Leveling

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