Ten months after its launch, Snap Games continues to grow its multiplayer games platform on Snapchat with exclusive first- and third-party titles, innovative social features, and strategic partnerships.


  • Snap Inc. launched Snap Games in April 2019 to bring real-time multiplayer gaming to Snapchat.
  • So far, the platform includes 11 exclusive games including first-party titles such as Bitmoji Party and partner-made games like Tiny Royale (Zynga).
  • Snap Games aims to grow by targeting Snapchat’s existing 218 million daily users.


  • PlayCanvas’ HTML5 game engine powers games inside Snapchat.  
  • Snap Games acquired Australian developer Prettygreat prior to launch and works closely with third-party developers such as Mojiworks.
  • Snap Games’ partner studios can incorporate non-skippable six-second video ads into their games to earn revenue.


  • In December Snap Games introduced Leaderboard Games–single-player hypercasual games in which friends compete with one another on ranked leaderboards.
  • Players can send stickers to friends via Snaps to share gaming moments and achievements.
  • All games feature players’ Bitmoji avatars, and more than 70% of Snapchat users already have a Bitmoji linked to their account.


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