6/1/18 – 6/30/18

Game Name Description
Candy Crush Saga Gold Trophy Players earn Golden Crowns (beat a level on first try) in certain level areas to fill a meter for Gold, Silver, or Bronze Trophies
Candy Crush Saga Mr. Snappy’s Garden Players choose a booster to plant (challenge and reward) for completing certain amounts of levels
Candy Crush Saga Special Limited Offer 24-hour timed offer with a discount on life bundle, Gold Bars, and boosts
Candy Crush Saga Weekly Race Update Update to ‘weekly race’ leaderboard: 2 new leaderboards, based on player’s friends. One leaderboard ranks current level, the other ranks levels completed per week
Toon Blast Ivy Ivy removed by adjacent matches. Blocks cascade from the top of the board to fill its spot
Gardenscapes Compass Matches next to its active side…or adjacent boosts on any side…collect the Compass. The active side rotates clockwise with each move
Gardenscapes Generator Produces an element or boost when space below Generator is cleared. Generators display icons of the pieces they produce
Gardenscapes Tap to Skip ‘Tap to skip’ added to post-level dialogue
Gardenscapes Level Background Update New art announced and released for level backgrounds
Homescapes Above the Clouds New Streak Event coming 7/20: complete levels in 1 attempt to win boosts
Homescapes Medal Race Beat levels in 1, 2, or 3 attempts to win medals and earn leaderboard ranks. Includes a ‘personal goal’ fill meter for additional prizes
Homescapes Glove Swap any two adjacent pieces without using a move (reskin of other noted Playrix level design elements)
Homescapes Alarm Clock Displays a countdown that decreases by 1 with each turn and ends the level at 0. Removed by boosts or by matches with other Alarm Clocks
Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle June Update June Update, which includes UI / UX update
Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle 21st Century World Tournament Player vs. player elimination round tournament with a special variation of the app’s tournament game board movement
Angry Birds 2 Updated Terms of Service / Privacy Policy Update to Terms of Service and Privacy Policy notice at entry
Angry Birds 2 Birld Cup Soccer Event World Cup soccer-themed event. Players randomly receive a themed boost (an Angry Birds 2 Spell) during play
Fishdom Store UI Update Tab-based store UI / UX update (store includes tab for new feature Unique Fish)
Fishdom Tap to Skip ‘Tap to skip’ added to post-level dialogue
Fishdom Bathysphere Reskin of Generator element in Gardenscapes: produces an in-game element when space below is cleared, and displays an icon of what it produces
Fishdom Unique Fish Special fish purchased with vouchers; cannot be sold
Fishdom Vouchers Additional in-app currency used to purchase Unique Fish. Earned by 1) beating levels on the first try, and 2) participating in events
Fishdom Glove Swap any two adjacent pieces without using a move (reskin of other noted Playrix level design elements)
Fishdom Seahorse Show Streak event: beat levels to earn boost awards for the beginning of the next level
Fishdom Grand Sale Sale with 3 offers. The 1st offer (15 Vouchers) is free, and players who claim all 3 offers unlock a secret Decoration. (Reskin of Valentine’s Day Sale)
Legendary Game of Heroes Oasis of Ruin Event Quest event with game updates and adjustments
Legendary Game of Heroes Give the Gift of Water Collaborative and competitive tournament. Players collect Water to fill a meter to raise money for charity
Legendary Game of Heroes Aegis Prominence Play to win event awarding event item. Includes app update of more comprehensive odds disclosures of card drop rates
Legendary Game of Heroes Terms of Service Giveaway $5000 raffle event awarding players raffle drawing entries for A) daily log-ins during the event, B) certain gem pack purchases. VIP members receive an extra entry per daily log-in
Solitaire TriPeaks Club Notes Bulletin board (Club Notes Board) for Club Leaders to post notes to Club members
Solitaire TriPeaks Alzheimer’s Charity Event In-game event donating Club Gifts to the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America
Merge Dragons Fairy Tale Event Complete challenges to win event Dragons
Merge Dragons Zen Temples Merge elements that spawn Mystical Eggs and Dragons
Merge Dragons Mystic Topiaries Increase Dragon power and drop premium Dragon nests
Merge Dragons Summer Event Play challenges to collect summer-themed merge elements
Candy Crush Jelly Saga Candyvore Candyvore removed via multiple adjacent matches or boosts. It ‘eats’ (removes) random adjacent elements while alive. Available after level 1,575
Word Crossy Rank Leaderboard Competition Play to collect event. Collect Flowers to earn leaderboard ranks
Word Crossy June UI Update UI / UX update
Word Crossy VIP Membership Free Trial 3-day VIP Membership Subscription free trial (available in VIP Subscription Membership gift pack offer)
Word Crossy VIP Subscription Membership Gift Pack Limited-time VIP membership subscription purchase pack offering various signup bonuses
Cookie Jam Sweet Race Play to collect tournament event. Striped boosts are collected for leaderboard ranks
Cookie Jam Rainbow Cookie Time Player interaction-based play to collect event featuring special event boost, inspired by winner of previous contest
Farm Heroes Saga Updated Terms of Service / Privacy Policy ToS / Privacy Policy update
Pixel Art June ’18 UI Update UI / UX update for player ease (finding numbers and coloring made easier)
Disney Emoji Blitz Tap to Skip Fast-forward option added to post-level dialogue
Disney Emoji Blitz Finding Nemo Team Event Complete Team Missions to win Finding Nemo character emojis
Disney Emoji Blitz Cars Challenge Event Challenge-based event featuring Cars 3 emojis
Disney Emoji Blitz A Bug’s Life Clear the Clovers Event Play to collect Clover symbols and fill meters for event emojis
Disney Emoji Blitz The Incredibles 2 Survival Event Complete levels in special Survival Mode to collect Incredibles 2 character emojis
Gummy Drop Father’s Day BBQ Play to collect event featuring a Father’s Day-themed Event City (level map)
Bubble Witch 3 Saga Players Party Event featuring a level map of player-inspired levels
Wizard of Oz Magic Match Win Streak Streak event: beat levels on first try; hard levels worth more points towards streak
Wizard of Oz Magic Match Toto’s Tag Collection Collection event in which players collect Badges to win tiered prizes. Wild Badges multiply prize amounts
Wizard of Oz Magic Match Which Witch? Rename of team battle event: previously called ‘Choose Your Side’ team event/tournament
Wordscapes Bullseye Boost: reveals the letter of a single tile chosen by the player
Wordscapes Rocket Boost: reveals multiple letters at once
Wordscapes Spelling Bees Boost: reveals a letter and bonus coins on certain tiles
Best Fiends Baby Slug Guardians Daily event added to weekly event rotation. Collect Carrots to grow a Baby Slug and learn its story
Best Fiends Minutian Soccer Cup Collect soccer balls to complete challenges. Beat all levels for Striker Lapoleon event Fiend prize
Angry Birds Match Challenge Mode Special game mode unlocked after completing Prehistoric  event quests. Compete vs. other players to collect eggs in the Challenge Mode quests for leaderboard ranks
Angry Birds Match Prehistoric Playground Event Prehistoric-themed quest event to unlock character skins and a special game mode (Challenge Mode)
Angry Birds Match Gem Blocker Unmovable hazard removed by 3 boosts or adjacent matches, or by 1 adjacent match of same-color elements. Explodes upon removal to act as a boost
Angry Birds Match Connect to Facebook Connect to Facebook to earn gems
Angry Birds Match ToS / Privacy Policy Update ToS / Privacy Policy update
Hidden City Mystery of Shadows Lost Masterpiece Complete quests to find a missing painting
Hidden City Mystery of Shadows Unique Detector Previously seen in few events, now released as regular boost. Reveals extra items in Secret locations
Seekers Notes Hidden Mystery Message Through Time Event Complete seeker quests to win event avatars
Seekers Notes Hidden Mystery June Update Includes UI / UX updates and optimizations, event announcements, and collection items
Seekers Notes Hidden Mystery Dance on Air Challenge Play to collect Rainbow Butterflies to win event rewards
Seekers Notes Hidden Mystery Rare Black Pearls Event Find Black Pearls hidden in most levels to fill a meter for boosts
Seekers Notes Hidden Mystery Bank Sale Sale offering 50% discount on many Ruby purchase packs for players level 5 and higher
Matchington Mansion Hot Air Balloon Event Play to collect boosts for leaderboard ranks. Celebrates app’s first anniversary
Matchington Mansion Lucky Streak Streak event awarding progressively more boosters for the beginning of the next level
Puzzle & Dragons Magic: The Gathering Collab Event IP collaboration event between Puzzle & Dragons and Magic: the Gathering IPs awarding collection set item

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