Executive Summary

Fantasy Westward Journey 3D by NetEase

In January 2020, Fantasy Westward Journey 3D averaged $358,275 in daily revenue and 12,982 daily downloads. The app was launched exclusively in China in December 2019.

Black Desert Mobile by Pearl Abyss

Since its U.S. release in December 2019, Black Desert Mobile has averaged $24,114 in daily revenue and 8,431 daily downloads.

Amazon Prime Cross-Promotion

After the release of the Amazon Prime content in RAID: Shadow Legends, revenue was +17% and downloads were +37% MoM. Revenue and downloads continued growing to +31% and +40% 2Mo2M. Other factors likely contributed to this growth.


Events make up 69% of releases in top-grossing RPG apps—more than double the number of features. Final Fantasy XV (90%) and Lords Mobile (89%) invest the greatest percentage of their portfolios into events.

Rewards events were by far the most popular event type in 2019. BLEACH Brave Souls and Dragon Ball Legends released the most, while Star Trek Fleet Command released none.

Table of Contents

Breakout Apps

  • Fantasy Westward Journey 3D by NetEase
  • Black Desert Mobile by Pearl Abyss

New Innovation

  • Amazon Prime Cross-Promotion
    • Amazon Prime Content in RAID: Shadow Legends


  • Events vs. Features in 2019
  • Event Types in 2019

New Content

  • Content Releases I & II

Market Watch

  • Notable Releases I & II


  • Premium Partnerships
  • RPG Mechanics Taxonomy

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