In-Machine Challenge System
Scatter Slots proved that slots players find challenge-based leveling an engaging alternative to XP leveling. To provide players this type of entertainment, release a machine with a challenge system (see In-Machine Challenges p. 5).

Timing G2E Feature Emulation
RMG machines showcased at G2E are now populating casino floors. Release mechanics from these RMG machines into your game as players become familiar with them. Having the right timing allows you to capitalize on a player’s desire for similar machines outside of the casino environment (see Prize Disks p. 6).

Tamagotchi Pet Dragons
Meta-game features well-integrated into slot machine designs are still trending. This month, a simplified version of a Tamagotchi Pet was introduced. Continue to increase the complexity of meta-game features as slots players become more educated … and excited … about new mechanics (see Tamagotchi Pets p. 8).

Most Creative Theme of the Month goes to …
Lucha Maniacs by Yggdrasil Gaming, for their Mexican professional wrestling theme.

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist” – Pablo Picasso


  • In-Machine Challenges
  • Prize Disks
  • Variable Pay
  • Tamagotchi Pets


  • Story Options
  • Free Spins Gamble
  • Golden Bets


  • Lines
  • Themes


  • Slots Player Personas
  • Data Collection Process

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