In House of Fun Year of The Dog, the transition from base to bonus game moves the jackpots and expands each reel a different height

Feature Explanation

  • Five or more scatters trigger the Colossal Rewards
  • During the respin, the reels expand to different heights. Each slot acts as an independent reel. Jackpots are above each reel. Any scatter landing pays and sticks in place
  • Filling reels 3, 4, or 5 fully with scatters awards the corresponding jackpot
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Additional Information

  • House of Fun Year of The Dog
  • Release: 2/3/18
  • Players: Plain Jane, Entertain-Me Eddie

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Key Takeaways

  • This machine overlaps nicely for both the Plain Janes, who want more ‘traditional feeling’ machines, and the Entertain-Me Eddies, who want fun and exciting ways to hit jackpots
  • Transition animation from base to bonus is an area to develop new ways to awe players. Brainstorm ideas with the design team