ELK Kaiju offers several Bet Strategies that are chosen by the player and tied to the auto spin

Feature Explanation

  • Four Betting Strategies are available in the bet menu
  • Choosing a bet strategy will automatically adjust the bet during auto spin
  • Optimizer: changes bet based on percentage of coin balance
  • Leveller: raises bet 2 levels after 5 consecutive losses, resetting after a win
  • Booster: raises bet 1 level after a loss, resetting after a win
  • Jumper: raises bet 1 level after every win, resetting after a loss
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Additional Information

  • ELK Kaiju
  • Release: 2/22/18
  • Player : Plain Jane

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Key Takeaways

  • Consider adding this functionality for all machines in the spin button option … keeping the user interface the same
  • Implement more bet-up mechanic dialogues upon machine-load for better adoption
  • Allow players to also adjust their volatility. In Wazdan Magic Stars 3, players have a volatility button they may adjust based on play preferences