App Name Description
Candy Crush Saga Bonus Tab Lobby tab to display daily calendar and wheel bonuses
Candy Crush Saga Fun Events Tab Lobby tab to display events
Candy Crush Soda Gumball Goodies Former event converted to a retention bonus
Homescapes Double Action Stacked events announcement: Knitting Story & Flying High
Homescapes March Update Update with additional levels and areas
Homescapes Furry Tales Complete 8 event levels in 3 tries with additional attempts refilling after 2 hours, or for purchase
Gardenscapes New Garden Shop New shop with new bundle packages
Gardenscapes New Tablet Tablet now features an events tab, staged day with 3 mystery gifts, and progress fill meter
Gardenscapes Translation Team In-app news announcement to submit questions to the translation team
Test the Developers In-app announcement about contest between developers (next month)
Easter Feast Play to collect staged event
Drawing Contest In-app notice about forum art contest
Rope Make matches or use boosts to either remove rope, or knots from rope (leveled hazard)
Toon Blast Hanoi Towers Level hazard, 4 matches next to a tower will clear it
Fishdom Captain Swift Reskinned chest event with new character and event graphic fill meter
Easter Event Reskinned event with special currency and custom design items
Crabs Crabs will only move to tiles with crates, make matches, or activate boosts to destroy the crates and catch the Crabs
Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle March Update w/Stacked Events Event post from FB with release stacked events and (pre-release note about newest event Extreme Z-Battle)
Extreme Z-Battle New event with enemies becoming stronger w/defeats, additional awakening function of Extreme Z only obtained with Extreme Z-battles
Angry Birds 2 Super Streak Streak event with increase in number of possible streaks from 7 to 10
Clan Leaderboard Update to clan leaderboard
New Card Level Additional levels added to cards
Spy Hat Set New Hat collection released
Clan Chests New purchase offer of Black Pearls and time chest rewards for 10 clan members
Candy Crush Jelly Saga Allen’s Journey New Streak event for beginning boosts for next level
Cookie Jam Airship For Sale Limited time purchase option added for collection of Airships
Hidden City Special Mission Unlock a special mission after completing event
Collections Update Collection sets now have banners and additional sorting options
City News News icon appears when new events or features released
Bomb Tool Update Update to bomb tool in mini game
Bomb Crystal Bonus Bomb Crystal boost to activate matches with same color
Gummy Drop Flight Delay in Terminal 2 New event (coming soon)
Farm Heroes Saga Piggy Bank Update Feature increased cost from $1.99 to $2.99
Solitaire TriPeaks Forum New social forum with badges to earn
Animal Friends Reskinned charity purchase event
Color by Number 3D Images 3D Images added to locked and unlocked content
Legendary Game of Heroes New Gear Dungeon Changes to the Gear Dungeon with new currency, implemented additional and more difficult levels
New Forge Changes to the Forge. Lower level weapons now forged from weapon information screen
Skillstones Skillstones can be applied to attack or defender weapons for additional or increased abilities
Partnership with Nitro Circus Community announcement about partnership with 2018 NC Australian tour
Cosmic Egg Hunt New gifting collection has additional forge, which can turn gifts into defender weapons
Bubble Witch 3 Saga Golden Pin Passing the first level in a new episode on the first attempt earns a Golden Pin
Spell Stream Complete event levels to fill meter for rewards
Wizard of Oz Magic Match Leagues League play (coming soon)
Word Crossy New Ability Unlock additional ability by logging in 3 days in a row
Matchington Mansion Survey Community page survey
Egg Hunt Complete levels to fill meter for unlimited lives. Once filled, players may complete again to extend unlimited lives timer
Word Connect St. Patrick’s Day Reskinned event with holiday theme
Easter Event Reskinned event with holiday theme
Angry Birds Match Underwater Musical Reskinned multi-event for chest award

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