“I get asked a lot why Apple’s customers are so loyal … It’s because when you buy our products, and three months later you get stuck on something, you quickly figure out [how to get past it]. And you think, ‘Wow, someone over there at Apple actually thought of this!’ And then three months later you try to do something you hadn’t tried before, and it works, and you think, ‘Hey, they thought of that, too.’ And then six months later it happens again.” – Steve Jobs, 2004

Dear Product Owner,

Years ago, we started Liquid and Grit to help you, the soldier—the product manager, game designer, live ops manager, and designer. We knew that you needed very detailed analyses on the latest innovations, because we’ve walked in your shoes. To make great products and games, users must feel that you considered their 1st, 10th, 100th, and 1,000th experience with a product.

In this Puzzle Report, New Innovations are designed to keep you at the edge of change in your genre. Live Ops and Level Design are specific to certain elements of game play. The Market Watch summarizes notable features added to the top apps in the Puzzle category—expect to see our coverage grow with more apps and sub-genres in Puzzle. Finally, the Economy Teardown analyzes how each game drives retention through economy balances.

You will receive the Puzzle Report each month. Shortly after, you will have an online version of the report at Liquidandgrit.com. If you do not have it already, email [email protected] for access.

Think of everything.

Brett Nowak


  • Lifelines
  • Event Calendars / Medals
  • Team Battles
  • Rainbow Roads
  • Quick Hits


  • Flower Festivals – Fishdom


  • New Level Designs



  • Puzzle: Top Grossing 1 – 5
  • Puzzle: Top Grossing 6 – 15

Deep Dives

  • The Emoji Movie Levels Candy Crush Saga


  • Various Top Grossing Puzzle Apps

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