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Brett Nowak


Reel Expansion Mechanics

In Hercules Grand (House of Fun), once a Lion symbol hits, any reel holding a Lion expands … Hercules symbols lock … the other symbols convert to multipliers … and a single respin triggers. Additional wilds are added to the reels before pays are awarded.

Expert Insights

To build anticipation in landscape-view machines, pair a single symbol trigger with Ghosting Symbols that display above the reel set. To limit the RTP impact, trigger a single respin, or other low-paying mechanic.

Insight Details

  1. Ghost Symbols are an under-developed, yet visually-powerful, mechanic for landscape mode machines. In Hercules Grand, transparent versions of the Lion symbol can be seen falling above the reel set, exciting players with the potential of a hit (see image below and this video for more information).
  2. Test RMG innovations sooner. Hercules Grand is heavily inspired by Griffin’s Throne by IGT … a machine displayed at G2E 2018 in IGT’s Innovation Labs area and recently released to the casino floor.
  3. Decrease innovation risk with strong production. Have a back-up machine ready to release in case the innovative machine falters … limiting the downside of an innovative machine (and increasing the ROI of experimentation).

Persona Information

  • Target persona: Money Mike (see L&G Slots Personas Report for more info)
  • Reason: He selects machines with no-nonsense features focused on winning, like respins and multipliers.
  • Valuable characteristics: Of the two male personas (Fame Frank is the other), Money Mike is more likely to monetize (even though he spends less time playing slots).

Additional Information

Hercules Grand Analysis
Hercules Grand – House of Fun

Feature Database Improvement: Many videos, like in the Hercules Grand library, are now titled appropriately so that you can easily find the right video.

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