These industry-leading slots experts strengthen the Expert Insights sections by analyzing the machines and providing commentary and analysis for the Report.

Arthur Lee – Game Design and Math Innovator Consultant

LinkedIn Profile

Arthur Lee is a leading slots consultant in social casino.

Prior to going independent, Arthur was a Game Designer at Playtika for two and a half years. At Playtika, he headed the innovation of Lightning Link-type games with Fairy Bliss, Lady Havana, and one of the best performing games at House of Fun, City of Queens. Arthur designed record breaking titles such as Frankenbride, Lady Hotness, Giant’s Treasure, and Beast.

Before making an impact in the social mobile market, Arthur was a Senior Mathematician in RMG at American Gaming Systems (AGS) and KONAMI Gaming.

He combines his experience of land-based slots with the lack of regulation in social games to provide the most competitive games in social and real money gaming.

Robin Littleworth – Product and Operations Consultant

LinkedIn Profile

Robin Littleworth is a leading management consultant and with over a decade of experience producing hundreds of compelling slot games.

Currently, he is an advisor to social casino companies on game design, studio operations, marketing, and strategic planning.

Prior to his current consulting roles, Robin led all of the worldwide game development studios for Scientific Games, where he annually produced the world’s most innovative slot titles for both land-based and online.


A survey of 1,299 participants from the U.K. and U.S. were recruited to respond. The data formed patterns of game choices, slots preferences, and playing habits … producing five distinct personas.

* The Education, Money Spent, and Play Time numbers are representative of the strength of each player persona.


Liquid and Grit partners with these premier market research and analytics companies to infuse our reports with the most relevant and detailed gaming user personas, data, and statistics available.

Quadrant Strategies – Market Research

Quadrant Strategies website

Quadrant Strategies is a market research consultancy that uses research to help the world’s most prominent technology, gaming, and entertainment companies develop strategies for building their user base, increasing user engagement and spend, and strengthening their marketing and brand plans.

We do that using a range of quantitative and qualitative methodologies, including gamer segmentation and persona development, feature testing, message creation, and loyalty and engagement modeling. The work of our senior leadership goes back many years, and includes long- term engagements for console and gaming-PC hardware-makers, individual games in a range of genres, and across consoles, PCs, and mobile, and for some of the top game franchises.

Kinrate Analytics – Player Personas

Kinrate Analytics website

Kinrate Analytics offers game developers, consultants, publishers, and cloud gaming operators the best cross-platform game recommendation engine for targeted marketing, as well as a novel profiling-as-a-service solution for intelligent market segmentation and social networking.

Other services include advanced market prediction analyses for identifying emergent gaming trends, and access to unique AI-enhanced data of 140 thousand game titles and 48 million game players.

The products of Kinrate Analytics have been developed in university-led research projects in collaboration of economists, psychologists, game scholars, and data scientists.

Sensor Tower – Mobile App Store Intelligence

Sensor Tower website

Sensor Tower is relied upon by financial analysts, VCs, and publishers who need to leverage data to identify the fastest growing apps, emerging markets, and more.

Clients harness Sensor Tower’s suite of app intelligence tools to…

  • Evaluate app economies and app vitality
  • Drive organic growth with the leading App Store Optimization platform
  • Get the best global download and revenue estimates for the App Store and Google Play
  • Discover top creatives and better shape user acquisition strategy

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