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Build event-specific currencies to keep the economy healthy … while monetizing the event
A few Puzzle (and Casino) games have released new currency tied to an event, feature, or content. Currency continues to be an underdeveloped opportunity in casual Puzzle.
See the Event-Specific Currency analysis

Release extremely hard levels with unlimited lives to excite players in a relatively inexpensive event
This event from Farm Heroes Saga allows all players to experience the challenge and achievement that high level players feel during a limited time event…making progression even more enticing.
See Hard Levels Event breakdown

Piggy Banks are becoming a must-have feature in Puzzle
Four more apps added Piggy Banks, transitioning this feature from a new innovation to a fast follow. Add this mechanic to apps trying to maintain feature parity.
Review Market Watch for all notable feature releases

Consider trading (as part of your currency monetization roadmap) and game preferences and backup (for monetizing on Android and older iOS devices)
Understand how Dragon Ball Z, a top grossing app in Puzzle iOS, creates liquidity in one of the more complex economy systems in the category. Then, create your own version of game preferences and backup flow.
Get the full Dragon Ball Z teardown and Economy Download

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