Understand emotional motivations to generate growth. The most impactful features are those that trigger strong, positive, emotional responses

“Most companies segment their markets by customer demographics or product characteristics and differentiate their offerings by adding features and functions. But the consumer has a different view of the marketplace. She simply has a job to be done and is seeking to ‘hire’ the best product or service to do it. Jobs aren’t just about function—they have powerful social and emotional dimensions.” – Clayton Christensen, co-author of the Jobs to be Done framework

To create new innovations, focus on the emotional jobs that people want accomplish. This is very applicable to our industry, where there is little practicality about game play.

Therefore, we have to know emotional motivations of our players.

Liquid and Grit has formulated key player motivations. This will likely be a continuous work in progress. Please feel free to email us for suggestions or comments.

Player Emotional Motivations

  • Achieve – Players who want to accomplish a goal
  • Thrill – Players who want the excitement and stress of taking a risk
  • Surprise – Players who want to uncover an unknown, see new opportunities, and try new things
  • Awe – Players who want to experience quality production value
  • Flow – Players who want to get into the zone and escape
  • Relationship – Players who want to connect with other people
  • Association – Players who want to identify with something for familiarity and comfort
  • Ownership – Players who want to have things belong to them
  • Create – Players who want to be creative and produce something

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