Collect more positive App Reviews by letting players give ratings without leaving the app
Changes to the Apple SDK make it much easier to gather valuable reviews.
Frictionless Ratings

Provide simple alternatives for players to share the app with friends now that Facebook App Invites are deprecated
Apps are releasing direct sharing using text, email, and WhatsApp, and non-direct sharing using codes.
FB App Invite Replacements

Build re-skinnable mini-games to supplement your event roadmap and drive revenue
Scatter Slots has capitalized on re-skinnable mini-games for awhile now. And, POP! Slots recently released a mini-game event with powerful marketing using a progression meter.
Re-Skinnable Mini-Games

To deflate player wallets, adjust player wallets up while inflating the entire economy even more
See how Wizard of Oz makes players feel like their wallet is expanding…when their wallet value is really retracting.
Surprise and Delight

Market Watch

Apps are targeting new player types: Slotomania is utilizing real world prizes and Heart of Vegas added a spin meter
Also review the new UI from Hit it Rich, and a new poker mode from Scatter HoldEm Poker …  just a few amongst many notable changes this month.
Market Watch

Check out Mega Hit Poker. Released 5/30/17 and recently a top 8 grossing poker app
The game play animation includes zooming in on finger tapping and other emotional poker moments.
Feature Database (Casino > Game > Mega Hit Poker)

“Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.” – Steve Jobs

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