• To deflate player wallets, adjust wallets up while inflating the entire economy even more In Wizard of Oz’s economy rebalance, players are notified that (1) the Coin Bonus is now every hour, (2) there is a new VIP Purchase Bonus, and (3) their wallet increased by X amount
  • Build more customization options to increase retention for both current and new users. Three Bingo apps added a customization area to adjust the Daubs, Balls, and Cards (most notably Bingo!). See the Dragon Ball Z tutorial flow on how to set player preferences (see the New User Flow in the Feature Database library)
  • Listen and respond to player feedback … particularly on the smaller issues. Huuuge Casino uncapped the Jackpot Share amount so Clubs with whale players who hit massive jackpots give large awards to their Club-mates. Now, all club members in Huuuge Casino are awarded 0.1% of a jackpot for any size jackpot (previously there was a cap). These small, but important tweaks show your players that you are listening and responding to their feedback and messages.

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