Competitions with Celebrity Hosts

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Competition events are reliable revenue drivers in the casual market—especially in the puzzle genre, where they have an average revenue impact of +4.3% WoW, a median of +2.8% WoW, and a very low standard deviation of ±12.5%.

To find out how to create an enduring revenue impact during longer competitions, we analyzed Candy Crush Saga’s month-long All Stars event, which helped increase revenue +8% MoM and +13% Mo2M.

This five-part tournament sustained engagement in part by using a forgiving wild-card system. It also included an exceptionally thorough integration with celebrity personality Khloé Kardashian in the form of a YouTube video campaign, video messages to players, and a live final round hosted by Khloé.

Download the November Casual Report for our complete analysis.

Video Insights: Designing Progress Meters

How you represent players’ progress within events and features can have a huge impact on engagement. To illustrate the best ways to visualize progress, this month’s video insights dig into leading research on goal-setting and motivation. Check out the video here.

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