Community-Designed Content

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My Singing Monsters’ Anniversary Month offers an unusually large amount of new content generated by the player community, including monsters, skins, decorations, and profile titles. The app is able to offer so much community-generated content in part because it has a whimsical theme and a core loop focused on custom design mechanics, both of which allow for a lot of flexibility in content designs.

In this report, we analyze how the Anniversary Month event encourages players to buy and use this content, which led to a 30% 41Do41D revenue increase—the app’s highest-grossing period this year. We also examine how apps with more restrictive themes and mechanics can incorporate community-designed content without breaking players’ immersion or throwing off gameplay balance.

Breakout Apps and Soft-Launch Apps

Garden Joy introduces a clever twist to the increasingly crowded custom design subgenre by focusing on landscaping rather than interior design or fashion. This is Scopely’s second app using an original IP this year, and both apps place a heavy emphasis on customization (we covered the other app, Kingdom Maker, in our October ‘22 Core Report).

The developer MergeGames (which appears to be different from Merge Games) is a relative newcomer that specializes in the “merge and story” subgenre. Its two apps, Gossip Harbor and Merge Fables, don’t stray far from the classic merge formula, but both have achieved strong starts by offering high-quality storytelling and a polished player experience.

Innovative Features and Events

This month’s noteworthy releases include a pick’em challenge with 50 stagesin Merge Dragons!, an expansion that introduces a new island and monster class in My Singing Monsters, and a program for content creators in Angry Birds Friends.

Download the November Casual Report for our complete analysis.

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