Collection feature IAPs

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A new collection feature in June’s Journey, June’s Memoirs, led to a staggering +68% MoM revenue increase—the largest of any casual feature released in the past year. In the casual market overall, collection features have the second-highest revenue impact (+4.7% MoM).

The exceptional performance of June’s Memoirs was due in large part to the feature’s effective shop and IAP mechanics. Throughout the feature’s season, a shop sold a limited number of collection items per player. The shop refreshed regularly, which encouraged players to revisit. June’s Journey then offered frequent IAP sales of collection items, each of which led to a substantial revenue spike.

Download the October Casual Report to learn why this combination of limited stock and special offers makes IAPs seem more valuable, and how to drive engagement with collections by targeting your players’ core emotional desires.

Video Insights

This month’s video insights examine a pair of content and mission releases in the core app Bloons TD 6 that helped increase revenue +33% 3Wo3W. This content release strategy makes players more confident and more likely to engage with new features. Watch the video to find out more.

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