Upgradeable Chests

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In Merge Dragons!, players earn two new types of chests through gameplay, but they have to spend premium currency to open them. Players can also merge chests to earn better rewards. These chests launched alongside two reskinned mission events and helped increase revenue 11% 2Wo2W.

While purchasable chests are a familiar part of most markets, tying them to a key gameplay mechanic, like merging, makes them feel like rewards and not just purchase offers.

Breakout Apps

Triple Match 3D, which launched in April 2022, is the fourth breakout 3D matching app that we’ve covered this year (the others were Find 3D, Match Ball 3D, and Cube Master 3D). It seems like as long as developers can find novel ways to arrange 3D objects, players are happy to keep matching those objects.

Toca Life World has been live since 2018, but its revenue has grown substantially in the past two years. This app allows players to create animated scenes using content from any of the 10 premium Toca Life apps published by developer Toca Boca. The Toca franchise’s popularity is bolstered by the publisher’s YouTube channel, which uploads animated shorts and has over 1.5 million subscribers.

Innovative Features and Events

Other innovative releases this month include a raffle for a real-life travel package in Candy Crush Saga, a new premium currency that players use to buy new hairstyles in Covet Fashion, and a map with obstacles in Trivia Crack.

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