A Casual Game Mode Boosts Mobile Legends’ Revenue by 20%

Key Takeaways

  1. Mobile Legends drives revenue through a new mode and skin rarity.
  2. AFK Journey leaps into the top five RPGs.
  3. Gearbox soft launches an app based on the Risk of Rain franchise.

A New Mode Boosts Mobile LegendsRevenue

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang launched a limited-time game mode that offers a casual-friendly alternative to the app’s hardcore base game. By using smaller teams, randomized heroes of equal levels, and a fast-paced objective, this mode offers an accessible way for players to familiarize themselves with the app’s heroes and mechanics. This new mode would be a great fit for the app’s FTUE—which could significantly expand its user acquisition.

Simultaneously, the app also released a mechanic that assigns unique ID numbers to hero skins based on when players acquire them. This adds another degree of rarity to skins and incentivizes players to spend early to obtain lower ID numbers. Together, these two releases helped MobileLegends increase revenue by 20% 2Wo2W. Read our full analysis.

AFK Journey Builds on the Success of AFK Arena

AFK Journey entered the top 10 highest-grossing RPGs on the day of its launch and climbed into the top five a few days later. The app expands significantly on the mechanics of its predecessor, AFK Arena, by including a 3D map instead of 2D, an open world rather than a linear progression, and tile-based battles. Read our full analysis of AFK Journey.

Gearbox Debuts Risk of Rain on Mobile

Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds retains the core gameplay loop of the popular indie PC/console franchise, Risk of Rain. Hostile Worlds introduces an auto-shoot mechanic, an isometric perspective, and a gacha system for collecting the app’s many heroes. The app sets itself apart from other roguelike shooters by including an exceptionally diverse cast of heroes and letting players freely swap between three of them during levels—which allows players to explore a variety of different teams and play styles. Check out our full teardown of Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds.

An Extensive Social Hub and Mini-Games Galore

Multiple top core apps released mini-games—and one launched a social hub:

  • In Cookie Run: Kingdom, a social hub lets players engage with other players, play mini-games, and complete challenges.
  • In Arknights, players take photos of NPCs and get one of seven story endings based on the photos’ quality.
  • In PUBG: Mobile, players tap the screen to raise a plane and avoid hitting obstacles.

Read our full teardowns of all notable releases.

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