Combined Mission and Content Releases

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Mission features that are released simultaneously with new equipment, abilities, or heroes have estimated revenue impacts of +34%, +19%, and +16% MoM, respectively. That’s a massive improvement over standalone mission feature releases, which average -2% revenue MoM (see graph below).

This remains true when excluding outliers with revenue that exceeds +70%/-40% MoM: Missions and heroes are +6.6% MoM, missions and abilities are +3.4% MoM, and missions and equipment are -0.1% MoM compared to isolated missions at -2.5% MoM.

To demonstrate how to effectively pair feature and content releases, we examined Bloons TD 6’s new Paragon Monkey heroes and Bloonarius mission feature. Paragon Monkeys deal extra damage to bosses, which helps players progress in Bloonarius’ boss battles. These two releases increased Bloons TD 6’s revenue +33% 3Wo3W.

Download the full August Core Report to learn how content releases increase engagement in new features and why heroes with feature-specific abilities make players more confident.

Video Insights: Accelerators with Player Choice

This month’s video insights take a deeper look at Clash of Clans’ Magic Items—a set of accelerators that let players choose cards to instantly upgrade. Watch the video to find out how this approach maintains a healthy mid-level player base and creates a more strategic experience.

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