Redesigning solo events as club events

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A new club competition from Empires & Puzzles, Clash of Knights, produced a +26% 5Do5D revenue increase by repurposing the highly successful Knights of Avalon solo competition (+162% revenue WoW).

By adapting a solo event into a club event, Empires & Puzzles was able to both use development resources efficiently and create an easy entry point to clubs for players who might be intimidated by them.

Clash of Knights’ success is particularly impressive because club, competition, and challenge events have some of the lowest revenue impacts of any event types in the core market, with median impacts of -2.9%, -0.3%, and 0.0% WoW, respectively.

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Video Insights — Large-Scale Events

This month’s video insights examine how to design meaningful roles for players within large-scale events, whether it’s a club vs. club competition or a server-wide battle. Watch the video here.

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