Casual and Ranked Modes

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Clash Royale split its main competition into two modes: a progression of PvP arenas called Trophy Road and a ranked competition called Path of Legends. While Trophy Road saves players’ progress, Path of Legends uses rank demotions and seasonal resets to offer a more competitive experience.

In this report, we analyze how Clash Royale eases players into competitive play by making them complete Trophy Road to unlock the more challenging Path of Legends—and how these features’ spend requirements led to a massive 80% 3Wo3W revenue increase.

Breakout Apps

Infinite Galaxy distinguishes itself from other space-themed 4X apps (like Star Trek Fleet Command) by offering a diverse set of battle modes, including real-time battles, formation-based tactical battles, and 3D shooter battles.

Ant Legion expands upon the standard 4X strategy formula by offering a deep hero upgrade system, tying an innovative mini-game to its base game, and letting players inspect every detail of each other’s bases. This is the second ant-themed 4X breakout app we’ve covered this year (the first was The Ants: Underground Kingdom in our January 2022 Core Report).

Innovative Features and Events

This month, we dissect a variety of Halloween-themed releases, including pumpkin planting in Game of Sultans, a maze mini-game and quiz in Identity V, and a haunted map in Call of Duty: Mobile. New releases also include IP crossovers with rapper Post Malone in Magic the Gathering: Arena and the manga series Bungo Stray Dogs in Identity V.

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