Kingdom vs. Kingdom Competitions

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Expansion features are consistent, moderate revenue drivers with a relatively low standard deviation of ±23% and an average revenue impact of +3.6% MoM.

To better understand how expansion features produce such consistent results, we analyzed Guns of Glory‘s recent Uncharted Seas expansion, which increased revenue by +15% MoM.

In this feature, kingdoms compete for control of territories on a map. In order to keep individual players from getting lost in this large-scale competition, gameplay revolves around tasks that players complete with their clubs or on their own. Players’ actions on the map also trigger limited-time competitions, which immerses players in the world and drives additional engagement. 

Download the October Core Report for our complete analysis. 

Video Insights: Designing Progress Meters

How you represent players’ progress within events and features can have a huge impact on engagement. To illustrate the best ways to visualize progress, this month’s video insights dig into leading research on goal-setting and motivation. Check out the video here.

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