Mini-game progressions

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This month’s Core Report examines a new fishing mini-game in Genshin Impact that helped boost revenue +50% in the three weeks following its release. This mini-game succeeds by combining a skill-based fishing mechanic with equipment and collection progressions to create longer-lasting engagement.

Top-grossing core apps released only seven mini-game features in the past 12 months. Although this is a small data set, mini-games have the fourth-highest average revenue impact (+9.2% MoM) of any feature type in the core market. 

Download the September Core Report for our complete analysis on why mini-games should be optional but consequential, and how integrating progression systems from the base game can extend mini-games’ impact.

Video Insights

This month’s video insights take a deeper look at Bloons TD 6’s paired mission and hero releases from last month’s report that helped increase revenue +33% 3Wo3W. This content release strategy accelerates feature acquisition and makes players more confident, which boosts their engagement with new features. Watch the video to find out more.

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